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CSS background – Part 1


Just celebrating the possibility in CSS to use more than one image in the background of a block element. Please refer to the code below.

div {
	width: 262px; /* e.g. */
	height: 88px; /* e.g. */
	background-image: url("nw.png"), /* Topmost image */
	                  url("bg.jpg"); /* Bottommost image */
	background-position: 5px 5px,
	                     right 5px top 5px,
	                     right 5px bottom 5px,
	                     left 5px bottom 5px,
	background-repeat: no-repeat; /* In this case: Identical for all images */
	background-color: #475f14; /* Fallback should images fail to load */

The file path for the main background image ("bg.jpg" aka rusted metal plate) is inserted last in the comma-separated row of URLs. The screws do not interfere with each other so they can be stacked howsoever in this case. To be systematic, however, they are positioned top left ("nw.png" aka north west), top right ("ne.png" aka north east), bottom right ("se.png" aka south east), and bottom left ("sw.png" aka south west). Each screw is indented 5 pixels from each side.

Tip: Change the width of the browser (i.e. make it more shallow) to appreciate the effect of each screw sticking to their corners while the plate below is “cropped”.