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Raphaël or Thinking outside the box

You go to that job interview and at some point you are handed a pencil and a piece of paper and given the following task:

Starting from the dot in the upper left corner, draw four (4) straight, connected lines that together contribute to a continuous travel through all nine (9) dots.

What they are really asking you to do, is show them if you are able to “think outside the box”; if you can find solutions where others are stuck. We will not bully you with the puzzle here, however, only suggest a solution.

Fig. For a replay, first reload the page.

This has been a tweak of an already existing demonstration of the Raphaël JavaScript vector library. As such, we take no credit for any of this. We admit, however, that it was fun playing with it. Do visit the original article if you want bouncing and easing and such.