With geriatric Internet Explorer versions this site looks shite. This because Impossiblue is built with modern tools and would require hacks and workarounds to function in legacy browsers. I no longer have the patience nor the inclination to satisfy everybody. Impossiblue is an experiment and a playground – and my sustenance does not depend on it. As a concequence – to embarrass nobody – I have decided to lock you out. So, there.


CSS throbbers – Part 3

Subtle with an ellipsis


Terminal-like with a blink


Yes, I admit the poor analogy here. After all, you are not supposed to sit in front of a terminal window expecting miracles to happen. On the other hand, a loading routine that succeeds is in itself a small miracle. Tongue-in-cheek.

And, no, I do not miss the HTML blink element. It was deprecated for a reason. Only, here it can be tolerated. Or? Remember when we could write:


Dissect this page’s source to see the coding behind it all. And if you spot a &#8201; in there, it is only a thin space.

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